Exhibition: neo functional material 2019
Booth: 2S-19 (Materials zone)

Pilot/ Labo coater "VCML"
Matsuo Sangyo Co.,Ltd.,since it's foundation in 1938 in 1938 has been dealing especiallypaint raw materials, optical components and automotive pats, etc., and has contributed greatly to the development of society.
At this exhibition we display Test equipment for Coating and Printing, Auto gel
time tester, UV-LED, Continuous Film Thickness Tester and Disoerasant for
Coating and Ink.

Product 1 Demo New

Pilot /Labo coater "VCML"

Versatile Converting Machine Labo

Product 2 Demo

Auto Gel Tome Tester MADOKA

MADOKA is the device to achieve automatic gel time measurement.
Ambiguous judgement criteria of each measure is resolved
No need of measurement skill
Measurement criteria uniformity
Quality management efficiency

Product 3 Demo

UV-LED Labo conveyor system

For R&D - Compact and high power-
4 wave length (365/385/395/405nm)
Irradiation area 210mm×23 mm unit with conveyor.
Over 2000mW/cm2
Safty mechanism option- Light sgielding against UV, Interlock etc,.

Product 4 Demo New


Product 5 Demo

Continuous Film Thickness Tester

Only setting a film, thickness measurement is possible continuously.

Product 6 New

Borchers additive for coating

1 Dispersant BorchiGen 0451 & 0851
Difficult pigment such as carbon black with high jetness , perylene and phthalocyanine pigment to grind
2 Replacemnt of octate cobalt by Fe chelate drier " Borchi Oxy Coat"
3 Griding matting fumed silica & white carbon
Deforming and reducing viscosity thixotropic gel." Borchi Activate "
4 Catalyst for PU Borchers LH10 DBTDL 10 % / Tin free catalyst (Bi Zn Li)

Product・technology Category

Processing Equipment
Wet Coating (coater, coating die), Laminating (laminator), Printing/Related Equipment (gravure, flexo, screen, inkjet, 3D printers, etc.), Drying/UV Curing/EB Curing, Testing Equipment


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