Exhibition: 3Decotech Expo 2019
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Product 1

Metalloid TRF

Low environmental load method that realizes metal plating expression by transfer foil.
"Metalloid TM" which is the plating primer is uniformly fomed on the film by the R2R printing method,the plating primer coating film is transferred to various substrate surfaces by various transferring methods,then the metallic luster is obtained by the plating method, we realized parts foming method

Product 2

Vacuum thermal transfer foil

We will give merit of thermal trnsfer method to complicated shape.
We are developing transfer foil that can be used in decorating equipment using vacuum pressure air.Various merits of the thermal trnsfer method can be developed differently from the existing construction method in the decorating process of complicated shape such as "unevenness" or "deep drawing"".

Product 3

Thermal transfer foil for glass(in denelopment)

It is easy to paint multicolor,photographically resolved pattern which is difficult with direct printing.
For direct printing and painting,simplification of equiment and improvement of productivity can be attained.
Solvents etc are unnecessary at time of transfer processing, so the work environment can be improved.

Product・technology Category

Other Functional Materials
Functional Film/Sheets
Hard Coat Film , Decorative Films/Release Films/Release Foil
Processing Technology
Slitting Process, Printing Technology (gravure, screen, flexo, inkjet, etc.), Sheet Cut/Die Cutting Process, Decoration/Decorative Forming Technology


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