Exhibition: nano tech 2019
Booth: 4V-21
Exhibit Booth: EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation
Advanced Graphene Products is an innovative company focused on the production of graphene materials and development of cutting-edge applications. Our products include large-area graphene sheets and chemically synthesized graphene flakes. Our goal is to explore possible application areas based on all types of graphene materials. We offer graphene as a raw material for industrial and R&D purposes.

Product 1 New

High Strength Metallurgical Graphene

HSMG® is a unique type of nanomaterial characterized by increased durability and stability. The size of a single grain reaches up to 1 mm. The structure of the graphene layer is uniform and continuous due to the growth proces which minimizes the formation of overlapping between adjacent grains. HSMG® is a technological solution that ensures effective and scalable development of new technologies.

Product 2 New

Graphene flakes

AGP established a technology of chemical synthesis of graphene flakes: graphene oxides (GO) and reduced graphene oxides (rGO).

We constantly extend the range of available graphene flakes. The production methods are fully-controlled and by additional chemical functionalization, we can optimize and modify the final products according to the direct requirements of our customers.

Product 3 New

Graphene applications

Graphene represents a new class of promising nanomaterials that may be implemented in the areas such as energy production, electronics, composites, filtration membranes or in the automotive, military and space industries.

Depending on the chosen application, AGP individually develops the required processes for the appropriate types of graphene materials.

Product・technology Category

Graphene, nano coating, nanocomposites, functional film/Sheat, resin
Measuring & Processing
nano particle mixture, stirring, dispersion, thin film manufacturing technology
IT & Electronics
advanced sensor


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Nowy Kisielin - A. Wysockiego 4, Zielona Gora Poland 66002

TEL : +48 68 328 20 12
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